Your « entrées » and a « pied à terre » in Burgundy

Each terroir has its own wines, and – in Burgundy more than elsewhere – each is a well-guarded world, built on family secrets and centuries-old traditions. The best way in is to live there among the vines, rubbing shoulders with those who prune and care for the stocks, monitor every change in cloud colour and the minimum temperature, and launch the harvest at the best possible moment.


Thanks to the bonds they have developed over the years with these demanding and impassioned viticulturists, the founders of the Phoenix Wine Club can now offer its members a privileged place in the selective circle of the great wines-growers of Burgundy.

Located in the prestigious home of an old Beaune familythe Château of Saint-Germain – the Phoenix Wine Club provides a comfortable and convivial setting close to the vineyards to enjoy all the pleasures of a wine tourism visit to Burgundy.

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