Learning about the wines of different regions is truly enriching. Along the Swiss Valais region, grapes are grown along terraces facing south towards the sun, overlooking the upper reaches of the River Rhone. The diversity of grapes is amazing- some 60 varieties – the result of centuries of passage from the time of the Romans.
Yuko and I saw this diversity first-hand as we walked the Sentier des Vignes from Sierre to Salquenen. We tasted some of the many varieties such as Humagne (white) and Cornalin (red) at the Colline de Daval, a winery, cellar and maison d’hôte run by Monique and Bertrand Caloz, who won the Swiss award for wine tourism last year. Our guests from overseas might like to combine a visit to Burgundy and Beaujolais at our Chateau with a stop in the the Swiss Alps – exploring culture and history through wine.
Bob Harris